A romantic, dreamy atmosphere, a gentle sea breeze and
the wish that your special day could last forever

Receptions among the rose gardens and on the terrace overlooking the sea


An enchanting setting at any time of year, at Grand Hotel da Vinci, every wedding reception turns into a fairy tale. The allure of the sea with all its aroma and energy, the private beach with its own restaurant and scenic terrace, the large swimming pool surrounded by lush gardens packed with roses in May, the spacious terrace with its olive trees, or the rooms of the renowned Monnalisa Restaurant are the setting for your very special day.




A romantic I DO in the hotel's private garden or on the beach

More than just a reception. In the private garden of Grand Hotel da Vinci, splendid flowerbeds and exquisite decorations will be your setting for a symbolic I Do. And the enchanting scenery of the sea and the private beach will make your ceremony, in the company of friends and family, even more emotional.

With our wedding planner for a stress-free day


Delicate flowers, light fragrances, soft fabrics create an enchanting atmosphere in a charming location. Our wedding planners will accompany you at every stage of organising your menu, rehearsal, choice of cake, wedding favours and floral decorations, seating plans and music, fireworks and any kind of entertainment.

Excellence triumphs at the wedding breakfast


The culinary offering of the Grand Hotel da Vinci will allow you to discover the authentic flavors of Romagna reinterpreted in a contemporary and sophisticated style, where gastronomic Made in Italy becomes excellence and blends with the food concept of the Batani Select Hotels. Our chef is available to create the menu that best suits your needs and to make your wedding an unforgettable event.

Our Locations and Services


There are countless settings that will serve as the backdrop for your most important day: The Monnalisa Restaurant, the pool-view terrace of the Hotel, the island on the pool (reserved for a maximum of 40/50 people), The La Spiaggia Restaurant, and the sea-view terrace of the La Spiaggia Restaurant.


We offer a multitude of services to make your wedding truly perfect: Symbolic ceremony, Menu and wine selection, Wedding cake created by our master pastry chef, Flower arrangements and special set-ups, Tableau de Marriage creation, Photography and videography services, DJ set and live music, Confetti table, Accommodation for guests, Relaxation and treatments at the Dolce Vita Spa.

A special wedding destination,
when the organisation is also perfect from a distance


Our exceptionally professional staff provides a comprehensive range of services for key-in-hand wedding receptions, with perfect organisation for couples who come to Grand Hotel da Vinci from far away, even from abroad. The certainty of being able to count on excellent responses to every request, combined with perfect attention to detail and Batani-style hospitality, make Grand Hotel da Vinci an unforgettable wedding venue.


Grand Hotel da Vinci

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